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Anderson Bean

Anderson Bean Big Bass Rusty Crush (3637M)

Anderson Bean Big Bass Rusty Crush (3637M)

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*All Hides Vary and may not be exactly like the boot pictured. If you would like a picture of the exact size you are looking at please message us or call us for pictures*

Do You Want to have a Unique Boot that catches Everyones Eyes? Folks thought we were crazy when we decided to try making fish boots, but the arapaima is no regular fish. This river monster hails from the Amazon where it grows to be over 10 feet long. Its distinctive large scales set it apart, and its comfort and durability have made it wildly popular. We call ‘em “Big Bass” – you’ll call ‘em your favorite.  

  • Handmade in Mercedes, Texas
  • 13" Top
  • Leather Sole

* All Natural Hides will Have Beauty Marks & may vary on each size*

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