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Anderson Bean

Anderson Bean Elephant Terra Vintage (S1096)

Anderson Bean Elephant Terra Vintage (S1096)

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*All Hides Vary and may not be exactly like the boot pictured. If you would like a picture of the exact size you are looking at please message us or call us for pictures*

Anderson is an American Made Boot that is Handcrafted by hand. Elephant is tanned in pieces with each piece having it own distinct grain, some heavy and some smooth. It is a very popular leather and is fairly available due to the governments in south of Africa not wasting the meat or hides of those animals taken for population control. Elephant is scuff resistant for work and is nice for casual wear.  Since it is fairly dry, it should be regularly cleaned and conditioned. 

  • Handmade in Mercedes, Texas
  • 13" Top
  • Smack Down Sole

* All Natural Hides will Have Beauty Marks*

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